Tackling Absenteeism at Work

Employers do and can expect a certain number of leaves from their employees in a year, some amounts to be paid whereas some are not. Absenteeism is intentional or sometimes habitual leave from work. This is backed up by reasons such as health issues, unexpected calamity or accidents. But then there is absenteeism due to lack of willingness to come to the office due to a number of factors which we are going to discuss here in this blog. We will also try to focus on the measures that can be taken to reduce absenteeism from work which again hampers the growth of the employee, productivity and finally hitting hard at the financial face of the company.


Causes of Absenteeism

Some causes of absenteeism are listed below:

  • Illness
  • Injuries
  • Harassment or Bullying at work by Co-colleagues or Boss
  • Disengagement of the Employee at Work
  • Child or Elders at Home to be taken Care of
  • Prey to Alcoholism
  • Job Search / Attending Job Interviews
  • Religious holiday or Family Functions

These causes are some of the main reasons which can be seen at work but are not limited to the reasons of absenteeism.


Now that we are clear with the causes of absenteeism, let us see possible ways to tackle these:

  • Make sure your employees are clear and understand the attendance policy of the company well.
  • Assess and make sure that company includes in its policy a decent number of paid sick leave for employees which will also help the employees to keep track of their own records of attendance.
  • Work to make the work environment fit to work and keep an eye on happenings that might be unhealthy to the office environment
  • Consider rewarding good attendance.
  • Look out for wellness program and employee overall development to help the employee build a sense of belongingness and trust with the company.
  • If possible and suitable try to introduce Flexi working hours.



These are some of the tested ways to tackle absenteeism and improve workplace. However, there is one factor which, if not entirely, but is still worth a try. Try hiring correct people for the correct position rather than stuffing employees who do not even to get engaged. Try connecting with a reputed recruitment consultant like T&A Solutions. They are appreciated for their recruitments in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Chandigarh via their local offices at these locations.



Changing Mindsets about Consultancy Services

The job industry in Delhi is huge and extremely competitive. While the country’s improved economic condition is fuelling an ever-rising demand for qualified manpower in its capital, growing awareness and aspirations of people is increasing the number of skilled job-seekers on the look-out for suitable vacancies across the state. Matching the right candidate with the right job was never easy, but the incredible expansion of the job market has made it even more challenging. And, it is this realization that has brought about a big change in the attitude of organizations as well as job-seekers towards placement consultants.

Until a few years back when the job industry was not that large, most companies were reluctant to use manpower consultancy services, deeming it unnecessary to pay anyone for the work they could handle in-house. Similarly, job aspirants too were unsure if going to job consultants would really benefit them. The rapidly-increasing options have, however, changed both mindsets.

placement consultants in Delhi

Hiring companies know that employees are their real assets that drive the organization’s growth. Every company wants to pick the best candidate from among the countless suitable ones out there today and it recognizes the fact that this cannot be done without the assistance of placement consultants in Delhi. Apart from scrutinizing the various job portals, placement agencies dig into their extensive personal database and filter the probable candidates to make sure that companies tap the right talent.

Besides playing a big role in reducing the clutter to identify the right person for the vacant position in the company, job consultants can also help streamline the entire recruitment process. They can co-ordinate interviews, provide follow-ups, handle salary negotiations and perform reference checks. Being true professionals, manpower consultants do all their work in a finely-organized manner and all their decisions are based on data and analytics, not intuitions. Their aim is to provide their client company with recruits that make significant and lasting contribution to the organization’s growth. Many of them even offer free replacement for candidates that leave the company within three months of joining. No wonder, hiring companies have come to appreciate placement consultants as their strategic partners that play a stellar role in their development and success.

Job-seekers too have started relying heavily on placement agencies for help in finding and getting the most rewarding job available. Utilizing consultancy services boosts their chances of making contact with the best companies in their desired sector. Moreover, job consultants in Delhi these days also lend a helping hand to job-seekers by keeping them updated with the current demands for qualifications and skills. They suggest suitable alternatives to the aspirants, provide interview training and also remain in touch with them after successful placement to keep track of their needs and complaints. Many of these agencies do not charge any fee from the successful candidate and this has resulted in increasing the job aspirants’ confidence in placement consultants manifold.

Indeed, both recruiting organizations and job-seekers now-a-days recognize the importance of job consultancy services for the smooth functioning of the job and recruitment industry of Delhi.