Cost of Odd in your Mix

Human Resource is the most important assets for running a company successfully, be it small, medium or large. A good or fit for the job employee can place the company to unknown heights whereas a wrong or not meant for the job employee can drag the company to somewhere the company wouldn’t like to see it. Overall a good employee or a fit employee is one who can help the company go places.

Recruiting and hiring good employees is arguably the most key facet of running a business. Finding the right candidate is crucial because no sooner the management will start reassigning the wrong candidate, work tirelessly to indulge the wrong candidate into being more constructive or somehow fit into the organization.  Rather than simply letting the candidate go away, scrubbing off all the time, money and effort you have invested to educate while he/she start working as adequate employee serving less than you deserved or desired.

Either way, there’s a drain of resources. Let’s proceed further and see why it is important to hire the right people:

  1. Time, money and effort are something which can’t be bought. However wastage of the same can highly affect the company and resist it from growth. While you and your managers are busy training and retraining the wrong candidate and trying him/her to fit among the rest, your business suffers. 66% of employers said they experienced negative effects of bad hires in 2012. 37% of these said, the wrong candidate had a negative impact on employee morale. Another 18% said the wrong employee impacted negatively on client relationships. 10% said the bad hire led sales suffer.(A study from the National Business Research Institute)
  2. While putting your focus on the wrong candidate and trying to make him actually “work” (which you have been doing so far), dissatisfies the other existing employees. It becomes totally difficult to manage to stay upbeat and keep pretending things are right when they’re not. When the wrong candidate wins over all your importance, your business and the rest of the nest are not attended to. Your business literally starts aching. This might also place the wrong candidate into a pool of “never ever heard” task or “can never do” task creating problems for him to get along with the rest.
  3. In today’s world where everyone is part of that collectively molded society where transparency is practiced, your company’s work culture would no longer remain veiled but would be prone to analysis. Job seekers who are active on social platform would discern the odds of your company which are of course reviewed by the same wrong candidate on whom you risked your time and effort. This is because things were equally not working for him as well while you were struggling your way to get yourself out of this maneuver. This wrong candidate whom we’ve nearly made a hero throughout our discussion would actually do nothing but open up his views for your company, highlighting them in his reviews. Now this is something serious stuff!!

This is where you would need your personal observation when you have that one “odd” among the fittest. You need to see and keep focusing that your reputation isn’t at stake while you try and make that “bad hire”. Well, now that you know the bad effects of a hire gone wrong, you can actually work on it the very next time you have a seat vacant.

Think about how important the position is, what are its responsibilities and the kind of result you’re expecting it to show. While doing this, do not forget to check on your online reputation, areas which might need your immediate attention. This time when you need or think of recruiting someone, get connected with us. We are Best Placement Consultants in Bangalore, we understand your need for a candidate and your expectations. We tend to provide you with the best pool of talent from which you can have your catch.

Reasons Why Employees Leave

As discussed in one the previous blogs as how important Human Resource as an asset is and how hiring a wrong employee can make your business pay, retaining a valuable or potent employee is no less important. Employees are the pillars of an institution, sadly, most of the times it is only realized after one of them leaves. A few reasons why employees leave, could be relocated along with their spouses, better opportunity, health issues, continuation of education, the list can go on. At some point the employer might fail to connect to the issue faced by the employee that led the later leaving the job.

However, most major reasons why an employee quits or leaves job can be controlled by the employer. Trust me! In verity, most of the job centered elements- work culture, environment, opportunity, challenge or to list a few can create pure and sole reason for a valued employee moving out of the organization.

Having said that, here are some reasons to discuss about why an employee leaves or resigns:

  1. Relationship with the boss: Here we don’t need the boss to be friends with the employees, but they do need to share a relationship. The boss being the most pivotal point of any organization tends to attract authority and understanding as well. If something goes wrong here, the boss may hit the list of reasons for lack of an employees’ confidence, engagement, commitment and trust. Nobody wishes to work with a “bad boss.”
  1. Unchallenging work: There are some out of the many employers who might fall prey to the myth that its salary that all matters. Let me tell you, it doesn’t. Salary is a necessity, but then there’s something called passion. No one wants to get stuck into a job that is boring or unchallenging. Help your employees find their interest and area of excellence. Employees want to enjoy their work.

Employees spend more than a third of their days working, getting ready for the work and transporting themselves to work. Work closely with the employees who reports to you to ensure that each employee is engaged, excited, creates and performs. Otherwise, there’s always a fear of losing them to someone who does.

  1. Association with co-workers: Co-workers or co-worker cum friend is always a very important factor why employees choose to stay in a company. This straightaway underscores the mental state of mind of the employees, which should be happy. Most of the times it is the relationship between co-workers actually works the magic right. Try noticing and intercede into the same to see if a problem exists.
  1. Opportunities: Most companies attract talent mirroring the possibilities and opportunities employees can conquest. Using their significant skills and abilities on the job, the employees feel a sense of pride and association. They want to contribute and when failed to do so, they would find places where they can do.

Make sure you know their dreams and goals. Remember, they too wish and need to grow along with your business.

  1. Sharing common organizational goals: It is important to make employees realize their own worth in a company. Before anything anew, the employees must know the organization’s goal first and then try to connect and realize how they can contribute and gain alike. They need your help to understand and connect themselves to the bigger picture.
  2. Meaningfulness of work: It’s a human tendency that follows all, and adheres to the faith that we all want to do something remarkable and different. One needs recognition. But then beyond this, one seeks for the meaningfulness of what he/she is doing. Mere paper work which could have done without, would not attract an employee for long and soon the later will come up with the solution to “leave”.

See that the employees see and understand their contribution to the growth of the company.

  1. Independence: This is something that can’t be given or taken in the paper, but understanding and act accordingly. Try giving the employee his/her share of independence to do what he/she is asked to, there again, you do need to monitor their progress and work of course, making them understand why monitoring is equally important.
  1. Organization’s Stability: As you want your employees to stay, they too expect stability from your part. Job is something which, along with identity also needs to offer stability, of course salary to count. More successful competitors, decline in sales, reduced working hours, iced up salary, employee turnover to list a few are nightmares any employee might fear to have, evolving a sense of distrust in their minds about the employer and the company.

Try making each and every change transparent so that later you need not explain all “why” and “buts” in the process of saving the company. Tell them what is the company’s situation, what have you planned out to recover.

  1. Overall corporate culture: However, one seeking desperately for a job will stay, but we do want someone who will remain. Right?? For that to happen without fail you need to see that whether your company respects its employees, praise them for their work, takes care of compensation, perks and benefits. More importantly, does it focus on employee satisfaction and empowerment as well?

It depends, maybe you cannot cater to each plate and make them feel at home, but you can make them feel comfortable so that they can focus and work well.

  1. Promotions or Raises: This is a point which I believe many job seekers or employees would place among the top five reasons. Seeing things from your perspective, let us place it here, but still it’s an important point to deem.

Over the decades the view point about salary has changed. Today it’s not simply because of money that one seeks a job (as discussed above in point 1) but it is a matter of concern if 15-20% of earning is found elsewhere with the same desired skills. This is where you need to retain your employees. Go with the trend; try learning about the market value for any preferred positions and how much your competitors are willing to give. Be smart because you never know the one planning to leave your organization could be one of the most desired and valued employees.

These 10 points will surely help you retain employees and reduce turnover. Still in need of recruitment, you can always count on us. We are Best Placement Consultants in Mumbai, we understand your recruiting needs like no other.

How to Be an Asserted Employee

Most of the companies are looking for an employee who can finish their work efficiently and faster. The manpower consultancy Hyderabad has tie-ups with most of the multinational companies and organizations and can give the best employer and employee to the clients. These are the traits that are expected of an employee by the company:


  • Reliable
  • Hard worker
  • Responsible
  • Good communicators.
  • Adaptive learner
  • Team player and
  • Approachable


Being able to work without hesitation is what an employer would consider as reliability. The employee should be able to meet the needs and calls of the employer. Manpower consultancy Hyderabad provides such an employee in and as a team.



Who does not loves having a punctual employee at their beck and call. Being in the office on correct time, not taking unnecessary breaks will help the employee earn respect and admiration among the co-workers, clients and from the employer. Whoever knows the value of a time is the one who succeed in their career.


Hard worker:-

The employee is the foundation for the development of the company. They should be ready to work hard and give support to their employer. In return, the company should credit the hard worker. It can be anything an increment or a high posting or even some words of  encouragement. The placement consultants in Hyderabad help in finding a good employer to them.



Working on time is not a responsible thing but finishing the work in time is responsible. The employee should able to meet the deadlines. They should be responsible for providing a good service to the clients. The employee should be ready to take responsibility not only for good remarks but also to the criticism and inconveniences given by the clients.


Good communicator:-

A good communicator is not the one who speaks hours and hours to explain their concept. They are the one who can explain their concept with a clean and even a shorter explanation. They shouldn’t beat around the bushes. This will help the client and the employer in saving time and effort.


Adaptive learner:-

A good employee is one who is willing to learn even they have experienced ones. They should adapt to the environment. They should be able to handle any kind of situation. The manpower consultancy Hyderabad offers such an employee to the services.


Team player:-

In a company, helping each other and working as a team had become an essential skill. An employee should be ready to work as a team leader or even as a member of the team. Overall an employee should know how to work in a team.



Being friendly and approachable is a good trait not only as an employee but also as a human being.



Apart from this a good employee should avoid gossip or be spreading office rumors. Placement consultants in Hyderabad can only give advice on what and which companies are best. It’s only in the hands of an employee to become successful in the career.



Hiring Doctors in Mumbai

The process of hiring employees for any business agency can be quite taxing if not extremely tiring and stressful. While this is true for any business whether it be big or small it applies to hiring doctors nowadays more than ever. Hiring a doctor can be done by looking through Job Consultancies in Mumbai. There are many things that need to be looked into while hiring a physician. But why is it so? What has changed? One needs look in the background to understand the problem at the surface. With time hiring physicians has become quite a task because:-

-Even the newly hired physician expect extremely high salaries
-Many of them do not centre their life on work. They might want the kind of holidays and leaves that are more suited in MNC’s
-For many the profession itself is business

Now, this is not to say one should not pursue their personal lives. They can. The point made here is to take responsibility for their work in a sincere manner so long as they are employed. Job consultants in Mumbai is just the place to look for in order to find the right kind of candidate fit the job. To avoid hiring the wrong physician pay attention to these things:-

1) Make your requirements very clear first. When you decide to hire a new physician, discuss and decide well as to what specialization or set of skills are you looking for in a physician? Say, you might want to hire one specialized in sports medicine or maybe someone in pediatrics or something completely different. Hire suitable people through Job consultancies in Mumbai.

2) Review their resume properly. Don’t just look through their place of education or training but also look for any other necessary credentials which might be essential for practice in their trade. Additionally the employer might want to look at and sort of typos or misspelled words. If a person is not diligent enough to write something as important as their resume then you can only assume their attitude in other critical situation. Job consultants in Mumbai help not only the deserving applicant but the employer also leaves satisfied.

3) Telephonic interviews might give you a further edge about the person. When the employee is being called, notice their mannerisms. Furthermore it should be discussed if the physician is hospitable enough. Say, if a patient calls is it okay if he talks like that? Take such factors into account. Hire a good physician through Job Consultants in Mumbai.

4) Know more about your employee by asking them question. Ask their expectation through this job. Ask them what really fascinates them. Is the location, practice, reputation, money or something else? The expectation of the employer as well as employee should be reasonable and realistic enough so that they can work together in the long run. Get a better idea for hiring candidates through Job Consultancies in Mumbai.

Hiring an employee is certainly not an easy task. It requires effort, time and patience. Employ to handle your entire headache.

A Bad Job Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

Do you feel trapped in a bad job? Well, you are not alone! Perfectly-fitting jobs must be the most elusive commodities in the job market. Landing a job they love is something that all the eager candidates thronging any manpower consultancy strive for. Not all of them, however, really manage to do so. As a result, many workers lead stressful lives bemoaning their bad jobs.

Manpower Consultancy Bangalore

You can consider your job bad due to several reasons. The position may be too small or underpaid, growth opportunities may be lacking, the boss may be harsh and unprofessional, co-workers may be difficult and spiteful, or the working conditions may be difficult. The job may be bad for you right from the beginning when you got it through consultants or it could become insufferable with changes in the work environment.

Anyhow, a bad job can make you dread going to work every day, gradually creating a mental condition that can lead to serious health and family problems. Still, before you curse your luck or blame the manpower consultancy, take heart. You might not realize it but a bad job can actually be the best thing that ever happened to you.

There is a lot you can learn from your bad job while the placement consultants in Bangalore try to find you a better one. The key thing is to maintain a positive approach towards your work. Bad jobs can make a positive impact on your career by teaching you some important lessons–

Give you an understanding of leadership

Bad jobs often come with bad bosses. By observing your boss’ working style and behavior closely, you can learn what separates an inspiring leader from an ineffectual one. This insight will be a big help in the future when your placement consultants find you a leadership position.

Teach you about handling confrontations

Disagreements with boss or co-workers tend to be part of bad jobs. In such a job, you can learn how to work under pressure and deal with confrontations in a calm and professional manner.

Help expand your network

Even if you don’t like your job, it does bring you in contact with people with whom you might develop strong bonds. You can build very useful contacts and reap professional benefits from them in the time to come.

Make you realize your needs and priorities

Bad job can help you recognize your career goals and realize exactly what type of job you want. The clarity helps when you contact the manpower consultancy Bangalore for a better employment option.

Motivate you and help you maximize your potential

Placement Consultants in Bangalore

Having a bad job can motivate you to explore new opportunities even if only to get out of the unhappy situation. You can maximize your potential and take chances that you ordinarily would have avoided, but which might actually work wonderfully for you.

So, though it seems counter-intuitive, having a bad job can be great for your career. Be proactive; treat it as a learning opportunity and it will definitely take you a step higher on the success ladder.

Changing Mindsets about Consultancy Services

The job industry in Delhi is huge and extremely competitive. While the country’s improved economic condition is fuelling an ever-rising demand for qualified manpower in its capital, growing awareness and aspirations of people is increasing the number of skilled job-seekers on the look-out for suitable vacancies across the state. Matching the right candidate with the right job was never easy, but the incredible expansion of the job market has made it even more challenging. And, it is this realization that has brought about a big change in the attitude of organizations as well as job-seekers towards placement consultants.

Until a few years back when the job industry was not that large, most companies were reluctant to use manpower consultancy services, deeming it unnecessary to pay anyone for the work they could handle in-house. Similarly, job aspirants too were unsure if going to job consultants would really benefit them. The rapidly-increasing options have, however, changed both mindsets.

placement consultants in Delhi

Hiring companies know that employees are their real assets that drive the organization’s growth. Every company wants to pick the best candidate from among the countless suitable ones out there today and it recognizes the fact that this cannot be done without the assistance of placement consultants in Delhi. Apart from scrutinizing the various job portals, placement agencies dig into their extensive personal database and filter the probable candidates to make sure that companies tap the right talent.

Besides playing a big role in reducing the clutter to identify the right person for the vacant position in the company, job consultants can also help streamline the entire recruitment process. They can co-ordinate interviews, provide follow-ups, handle salary negotiations and perform reference checks. Being true professionals, manpower consultants do all their work in a finely-organized manner and all their decisions are based on data and analytics, not intuitions. Their aim is to provide their client company with recruits that make significant and lasting contribution to the organization’s growth. Many of them even offer free replacement for candidates that leave the company within three months of joining. No wonder, hiring companies have come to appreciate placement consultants as their strategic partners that play a stellar role in their development and success.

Job-seekers too have started relying heavily on placement agencies for help in finding and getting the most rewarding job available. Utilizing consultancy services boosts their chances of making contact with the best companies in their desired sector. Moreover, job consultants in Delhi these days also lend a helping hand to job-seekers by keeping them updated with the current demands for qualifications and skills. They suggest suitable alternatives to the aspirants, provide interview training and also remain in touch with them after successful placement to keep track of their needs and complaints. Many of these agencies do not charge any fee from the successful candidate and this has resulted in increasing the job aspirants’ confidence in placement consultants manifold.

Indeed, both recruiting organizations and job-seekers now-a-days recognize the importance of job consultancy services for the smooth functioning of the job and recruitment industry of Delhi.

Job Hunt in Delhi, Make way from the hurdles

Delhi, the culturally rich city houses around 17 million people and finding your ideal candidate at such a populated place is like trying to herd cats. How much is this valuable to look for job consultants in Delhi to help you find employees according to your expectations and standards? When you go online to search profiles of job seekers in your niche, you may come across a million people looking for the job that you’re offering. But this search is of no use unless you don’t find a profile that actually meets your criteria. Placement consultants actually guide corporate recruiters to locate, hire, and retain the most suitable employees for their business.

A consultant is paid to share his proficiency and understanding of the industry to help companies achieve objectives and solve problems. From employees’ perspective, finding a job anywhere in the world is a job in itself and when it comes to the employer, he wants to hire the best of the candidates out there. Job market trends vary according to the country’s economy, corporate needs, and personal preferences of the employers. Most often companies need staff for short to medium term and they don’t want to spend a lot of their resources on recruitment. In such a situation, placement consultants in Delhi plug their role. They fill the same vacancies with full time prospects and within the same budget. Government companies usually extend these temporary vacancies in to several years because of downsizing or sudden expansion of the company. Operational consultancies in India provide these services on reasonable costs.


There are many factors that they already consider while filtering the resumes for your ease. For example, Delhi is a place of multiple languages and dialects. The average working hours can range from 48-60 hours a week. The job consultant will go through his records and find which candidates best suit your job description and company needs. Some job consultants in Delhi also contact short listed employees to know their consent before they are referred to you.

Recruitment is the building block for the development of any business and when you look at the rapid growth of Indian economy, you’ll see that the country now recognizes the importance of qualified and experienced people more than ever. With every passing day, one MNC is being added to the Indian market, providing new prospects for competent jobs. Every organization struggles hard to attract capable employees at reasonable salaries because the amount of white collar salaries is also on the increase.

When you post your jobs to the website of a job consultant, you’ve access to thousands and millions of resumes to fill your vacant post. They categorize the resumes with respect to the abilities, talents, aptitudes, interests, expected salaries, and many other factors. So if you really want to make your way from the hurdles, your job hunt in this city is incomplete without the help of placement consultants in Delhi.